What is a visit visa?

A visitor visa for any country is a kind of nonimmigrant visa permitting you to stay in a specific country for a certain period of time.

Generally, as a temporary visitor in a country, you can either attend short-term business activities, visit family/friends, or go as a tourist.

A visitor visa also allows you to visit overseas for medical treatment.

What can I do on a visit visa?

Generally, activities permitted on a visit visa include – 

  • Tourism 
  • Vacationing 
  • Visiting relatives
  • Meeting up with friends
  • Attending a business conference 
  • Negotiating a business contract
  • Medical treatment
  • Holding consultations with business associate
  • Taking part in short-term training  

Work or study (unless a short recreational course of study as a hobby etc.) is not allowed while in a country on a temporary visitor visa. If you enter as a tourist/visitor, you will have to apply to get your status changed or switch to another visa category before you can work or study in a foreign country.

Things to know about the visitor visa – 

  • Usually hassle-free
  • Obtained easily
  • Must have a genuine reason for specific travel purpose
  • Proof of funds needed 
  • A visa interview might be held
  • Biometrics usually required
  • Might be granted for – three to six months

What are the types of visitor visas?

Different kinds of visitor visas are available, depending on the reason behind traveling to a particular country. Each of the countries have their own eligibility criteria and application process. 

Visitor visas can be classified based on the reason for travel – tourism, visiting family/friends, business, or transit. 

Additionally, the different types of visas available can be as per the number of entries allowed. A visit visa can be – single entry, double entry, or multiple entry.

What is the eligibility criteria for a visit visa?

The specific eligibility criteria that you must fulfill will vary from country to country.

How to apply for a visitor visa for business purposes?

A visitor visa for business purposes, often called simply a business visa, has different eligibility criteria depending on the country. However, there are some documents that will generally be required.

These include – 

  • A valid passport.
  • Travel itinerary that includes flight details and accommodation.
  • Academic credentials.
  • Business and professional credentials.
  • Evidence of your plan to return to the home country.
  • Proof of adequate financial resources.
  • Evidence of adequate insurance and medical examination.
  • Requisite application form duly filled and signed.
  • Copy of the fee paid for the visa application.

What is the processing time for a visitor visa?

The tourist/visitor visa processing times vary depending upon the nation which is offering you the visa. It also depends on the applicant’s nationality.

What Documents are Required for a Tourist/Visitor Visa?

The basic requirements of the Tourist Visa are as follows:

  • Health check-up
  • Financial documents
  • Certificates of your character
  • Insurance
  • Proof of accommodation

Other documents include:

  • Completed and filled form of the visa application
  • Upload photographs digitally per the specifications
  • Your valid passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of intended departure from India
  • Valid passport bio page photocopy
  • Copy of your two-way tickets that you have to submit at the time of your application
  • Latest bank statements as proof of sufficient funds
  • An invitation letter from the sponsor, family member, or friend residing overseas
  • Financial statement of the sponsor, family member, or friend
  • Passport photocopy of the sponsor
  • Marriage certificate, if you are married to a foreign national
  • In the case of minors, the marriage certificate and birth certificate of the parents
  • Proof of enough funds
  • Invitation letter: If visiting relatives or friends, a letter of invitation from the relative or friend in Foreign Country
  • Hotel booking confirmation

What is the standard procedure to get a visitor visa?

There is a simple standard procedure to get a visitor visa for most of the countries.

To get the tourist visa, you will have to:

  1. Fill in the visa application form of the electronic tourist visa.
  2. Complete the payment of the fees for your visa application.
  3. Schedule your appointment at the embassy for the visa interview.
  4. Attend your visa interview at the embassy on the assigned date and time.

Processing time for tourist visas

The visitor visa application processing time normally varies from one country to another. 

  • Australia – Typical processing time for a 6-month-visitor-visa application to Australia is about 2 – 4 weeks from the date of submitting the visa application.
  • Canada – Ideal processing time for the Canada visitor visa application is a maximum of 15 days from the date of submitting the application.
  • USA – It can take anywhere from 3 – 5 weeks’ time for processing the USA Visitor Visa. The visa application processing time for the US generally depends on the type of visa and the workload.
  • United Kingdom – Expect a decision within 3 weeks of attending the appointment at the visa application center when you are applying for a UK Standard Visitor Visa.
  • New Zealand – Again, the processing time for visitor visa applications depends on the workload. A majority of visa applications are cleared within three months.

Why Choose Ace Overseas Consultant?

We can guide you through the visa application process, helping you – 

  • Assess the type of visa to apply for
  • Fast-track the visa procedure
  • Get the documentation required
  • Fill up the forms, as required
  • Collect the supporting documentation
  • Review the list of documents
  • Verify with the document checklist
  • Submit your visa application
  • By providing complete business visa application support
  • Preparing for you visa interview, if required
  • Follow-up with the Consulate and keeping track of updates

Irrespective of whichever country you wish to visit for whatever reason, we are here to guide you with all the necessary information and shall assist you in the application procedures. 

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