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Your go-to destination for all your study visa needs! We are proud to be the best overseas visa and study abroad consultant in Delhi, offering expert visa guidance and visa services to students who wish to pursue their higher education in countries like Australia, Canada, UK (United Kingdom), USA (United States of America), and many more.

Our team of experienced professionals with years of experience is well-versed in the visa process and will guide you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and stress-free process. Finding suitable accommodation in a foreign country can be challenging for international students.
We understand that studying abroad is a big decision, and that's why we work tirelessly to provide you with the best possible service, while also ensuring that you get all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

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Why ACE is the Best Abroad Study Consultant in Delhi?

ACE stands out as your ultimate educational companion. We provide unmatched assistance for your international educational journey.

1100+ Universities

Gain access to valuable information about respected universities in India and across the globe, with the help of MYC.

10000+ Institutes

Find the best institute to enroll yourself in according to the requirements. We will help you in this.

18000+ Colleges

You can get admission to top-ranked colleges with our guidance in order to make your journey on the right track.

99% Visa Success Rate

Visa approvals are a task indeed. But our 99% visa success rate makes it needless to explain further.

50000+ Courses

Get your desired course that perfectly matches your stream and goals. Make your study destination internationally.

Importance of Hiring a Study Abroad Consultancy Service

Studying abroad opens doors to new experiences and career opportunities, but navigating the complexities of visa applications, university admissions, and accommodation can be daunting for international students. Engaging a professional overseas or abroad study consultant in Delhi like ours is crucial for a seamless experience from application to arrival.

Our consultancy offers expert guidance backed by years of experience in the field. We provide personalized support tailored to your career aspirations and educational goals. From choosing the right course and university selection to navigating the application and admission process, we ensure you’re on track for success in your higher education journey.

Our team assists with every step of the application process, ensuring all documentation is meticulously prepared for universities in the UK, Canada, USA, and New Zealand. We facilitate seamless transitions for Indian students seeking higher studies abroad, offering guidance on course selection, academic background analysis, and career counseling.

With expertise in visa guidance and assistance, including visa interview preparation and visa processing for international students, we boast a high visa approval rate. Located near South Extension Metro Station, our consultancy ensures thorough support through the entire visa procedures, making your journey stress-free.

Understanding the financial challenges of studying abroad, we provide advice on education loans, scholarships, and financial aid options. Whether you aim to study in top universities or seek financial assistance for your education in the United Kingdom or United States, we offer comprehensive support.

Finding suitable accommodation is crucial for international students. Our consultancy offers assistance in finding housing near prominent study destinations and metro stations, ensuring a smooth transition with pre-departure orientation and post-arrival support.

We provide a wide range of services:

  • Personalized counseling and career counseling services

  • Assistance with admission processes and application procedures

  • Guidance on choosing the right course and educational institutions

  • Support for visa approval and visa requirements, including visa processing and visa assistance

  • Information on Study Visa application and visa interview preparation

  • Expert guidance on exam preparation and test preparation

  • Advice on financial assistance, education loans, and financial aid opportunities

  • Accommodation assistance near study destinations and metro stations

  • Pre-departure orientation and post-arrival support for a smooth transition

  • Comprehensive profile analysis and statement of purpose (SOP) assistance

  • Information on top universities and global universities for higher studies

Dreaming of Studying in Abroad?

Our consultancy, ensures a one-stop solution for all your study abroad needs. Contact us for a free consultation and discover your path to studying in your dream university abroad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An abroad study consultant provides expert guidance and support to students seeking to study overseas. This includes assistance with university selection, visa applications, accommodation, and more.

Our consultancy offers personalized guidance from experienced professionals with a high visa success rate and access to a wide network of universities and colleges worldwide.

We provide comprehensive support throughout the visa application process, including documentation preparation, visa interview preparation, and visa processing assistance.

Yes, we offer guidance on choosing the right course and educational institution based on your academic background and career aspirations.

We advise on education loans, scholarships, and other financial aid opportunities to help manage the costs of studying overseas.

Absolutely, we offer accommodation assistance near prominent study destinations and metro stations to ensure a smooth transition for international students.

We provide expert guidance on exam preparation, including study materials and tips to help you achieve your desired scores.

Contact us for a free consultation where we'll discuss your educational goals and how we can assist you in studying abroad.

You'll benefit from our extensive network of universities, personalized counseling, and thorough support throughout your journey from application to arrival.

Our consultancy stands out due to our experienced team, high visa success rate, comprehensive service offerings, and dedication to ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

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